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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Blender people, just use Blender

It ain't easy. Nobody said it would be. But if you're strapped for cash and must create your animated masterpiece, use Blender3d. It's a free app for modeling, animation, rendering, texturing, IK, character animation, and video game production. And some folks are actually doing something with it!

Check out Project Orange, an open source movie project. I love the idea, and had talked about doing something similar years ago. As James Brown would say, "saying it and doing it ain't the same thing, there's just as much difference as night and day." Or something like that...

Go pre-buy the DVD for Project Orange. Check out the demos on Blender's homepage. When you're ready to get going with Blender, check out the "official" manual in the Amazon links to the right. Support me and the Blender Foundation-- how can you lose?


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