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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Great 3d site!

Normally I'm somewhat underwhelmed by 3d sites. Turbosquid is really only useful to people with pockets of money, 3dkingdom is often down for the count, and 3dcafe has tutorials older than DOS.

But I saw on (which I highly recommend) this great site:

There are a bunch of training videos, which I really enjoy (fastest way to learn IMO). And there's a podcast... Nifty!


Anonymous said...

Are there any good animators in Knoxville? If so, who are they? Maybe this is a better question for the Knoxville blog?

_victor said...

I can only vouch for the few I know personally. Drop me a line at superpixelfeedback [AT] mac [DOT] com to let me know what you're looking for-- 2d or 3d-- and I can give you a better answer.

Thanks for reading!