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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Regular Show is awesome

Starring a couple of cheeky slackers named Mordecai (a blue jay) and Rigby (a ring tailed coati) who live at this house full of weird characters, Regular Show is a treat for kids and adults. My kids are maybe a skosh young at 7 and 8, but the show is mindless popcorn fun.

One episode starts with the guys assigned to setting up chairs for a party, but winding up fighting a giant retro arcade devil head destroying everything in its path.

Wacky scenarios and rock montages in many episodes appeal to the Gen X-er in me. The boys' slightly foul-mouthed lazy diatribes provide the engine that keeps this cleverly-animated (almost sticklike) show moving. Mordecai is the chilled-out rational one whereas Rigby is neurotic and slightly irresponsible. In the end they balance each other out, like a great comedy duo should.

The show is a tight 15 minutes or so, but the stuff that happens in that time is perfectly suited to this type of animation.

I love that there's an awesome wiki already dedicated to Regular Show.

Highly recommended.