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Sunday, November 19, 2006

You know you're out of ideas when...

You make a show around animated body parts. Specifically, just one body part. See, I could see a show about a bunch of parts, like Slim Goodbody or something... But coming soon to an empty brain near you are TWO shows on TWO different networks that center around a body part (although one is plural by default). Funnier still (or unfunny, as I'm sure we'll find out), they are predictably found below the belt.

Assy McGee hits Adult Swim soonish. Can you guess the body part? Yeah, an ass acting like an out-of-control cop. Or something. Who cares? It's a butt shooting a gun. Jeez.

Next up, "Baxter & McGuire" is an online show for Comedy Central featuring a pair of testicles. What's with the Scottish surnames anyway? Oh well, this is from the creator of "The King of Queens." That was a decent show, so maybe it's funny.

It should be funny that there are these two shows on in some regard at the same point in history. Last time I drew naughty bits and wrote comedy sketches for them I was in middle school. I guess that market research would come in handy now, huh?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Aardman does it again

Last week we took the whole family (2 kids included) to see "Flushed Away" from Aardman... Wow. Great writing, excellent animation. It was really neat to see how they have transitioned from stop-motion to CG animation, but kept the look and style they are associated with. ILM tried to duplicate stop-motion in "Mars Attacks" but it wasn't that great. Aardman hit the nail on the head with "Flushed Away," which looks just plain good. But of course, I can only imagine has simplified things in many regards (all that water? no fun with stop-motion).

I'm hoping the DVD will have some extras that'll explain more :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Where in the world IS Butch Hartman?

OK, I'm an idiot. Well, actually, just ignorant. Oh to have a second life (not the game) to absorb it all... Here's the Frederator team:

Wait, .kz? What's that? I have no idea. I see Frederator has something to do with a Butch piece or two, see that thing he did waaay back with Seth, and jumped to conclusions.

Sorry folks! From now on I'll stick to what I know: whatever animation I see!

To whit: there's a great Frederator podcast episode with a Butch Hartman and Seth MacFarlane project.. it's called Zoomates. You really see elements of both of them.