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Thursday, March 08, 2007 lets you be the star

If you're looking to store your masterpiece of animation, check out There are a ton of animated works to browse for inspiration as well. I've got a couple of Brick Films (made using LEGO bricks) on my cell phone, in fact.

You'll need to log in or joing, but honestly, these guys aren't going to sell your info. Their archive of the web is astounding. I'm not sure how they managed to squeeze copies of iVillage and Yahoo from 10 years ago into their capacious drives, but I'm happy they do it.

Anyway, the animation... There are some rare gems in there, lots of students films, and a lot of fun stuff. Be sure to check out the "game videos" which include time trials and ads for games gone by. My kids love watching the "Boogerman" TV ad from the 90's.

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